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Shi'ar Empire

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Shi'ar Empire

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The Shi'ar Empire's exact size is unknown, but it encompasses millions of planets, and has an entire sector of space known as the Shi'ar Galaxy.[citation needed]

Humankind has been exposed to the existence of the Shi'ar Empire only very recently, and, as such, much of the empire's illustrious history is unknown to humanity. Only a select handful of people know the Empire even exists -- although the fate of the universe has hinged upon the inner workings of the government many times.[citation needed]

The Shi'ar government works much like the equivalent of an Earth constitutional monarchy. As far as we are aware, no formal text or "constitution" has been written up, but the power of the government is shared between a declared ruler, the Majestor (emperor) or Majestrix (empress), and a body known as the High Council. Majestors inherit the throne through inheritance, or belonging to the royal blood, known as the Aerie. Besides the High Council and Majestor, other governing roles within the Empire include Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor, who acts as a chief advisor to the Majestor.[citation needed]

According to Beast, the Shi'ar Empire is a "highly advanced type 5 space civilization",[1] presumably mentioning Kardashev scale.


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