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The Shi'ar Empire is a vast intergalactic empire that rules a million worlds.[1] It is an aggressively expansionist empire whose religion tells the Shi'ar to "marry" other cultures, by force if necessary, to become stronger.[2] The empire is ruled by an autocratic imperial government headed by the Majestor (male) or Majestrix (female) who is advised by a High Council made up of selected worlds. Conquered worlds are permitted to self-govern within limits given by the empire.[3]

Humankind has been exposed to the existence of the Shi'ar Empire only very recently, and, as such, much of the empire's illustrious history is unknown to humanity. Only a select handful of people know the Empire even exists -- although the fate of the universe has hinged upon the inner workings of the government many times.[citation needed]

According to Beast, the Shi'ar Empire is a "highly advanced type 5 space civilization",[4] presumably mentioning Kardashev scale.


  • Intergalactic Warp-Capable Starships: Ranging in size from small vessels to ships approximately 100 miles long (e.g. Apocalypse-class Behemoth).[5]
  • Teleportation Systems[6]
  • Holographic Technology[7]
  • Robots[8]
  • Artificial Intelligence[9]
  • Cybernetics
  • Stargates: Create stable wormholes for travel, either in a planet or in space.[10]
  • Force Fields[8]


  • Galactic-level Weapons: Super-powerful Nega-Bomb used to devastate a dwarf galaxy (the Greater Magellanic Cloud), the home galaxy of the Kree Empire during the rule of Majestrix Lilandra.[11][12]
  • Starkiller Weapons: Starcracker.[13]
  • Planet Killer Weapons: Lower-yield Nega-Bombs used to destroy individual Kree worlds during the reign of Majestro Vulcan.[14]
  • Warp-Capable Warships: Ranging in size from small starships to planetoid sized ships (the 38 mile long Starjammer and 100 mile long Apocalypse-class Behemoth). Some with incredible firepower (e.g gigaton-level plasma energy weapons that vaporize all within 100 miles and split the planetary crust).[15]
  • Armageddon-class Killstations: Orbital battle space stations.[16]
  • Fighters[8]
  • Combat Robots[8]
  • Flying Walker-Spacecraft: Spaceships with walker-like legs used on land.[8][17]
  • Armored Tracked Fighting Vehicles[17]
  • Plasma Energy Weapons: Used on starships and fire plasma bolts.[18][15]
  • Particle Beam Weapons Used on the Fearless-class Dreadnoughts.[19]
  • Missiles[7]
  • Fusion Space Mines[20]

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