Shep Mason and his gang would rob gold shipments heading to Lawson City. He would then return to town a few days later with the stolen loot and cash it in at the local assayer and drink his spoils. He would brag about having "found" a mine but would never tell the it's location. His boasting would come to the ears of Mexican Pete, companion of the Masked Raider.

When the Raider would get involved in solving the thefts he would bait a trap for Mason and his men: Loading gold samples with a lead solution, the Raider would allow Mason and his men to rob the next shipment without opposition. Later when he would cash in his stolen loot, the lead inside would give away the fact that it was stolen. With all the proof they needed, the Masked Raider and Mexican Pete would round up Mason and his men. Later in the Lawson City jail, the once boastful Shep Mason would be told by the Raider how he was easily tricked into capture.


Rode a horse.


Armed with a six shooter.

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