Sheila Mason, whose mother died an untimely death, is the daughter of inventor Enoch Mason. After her father developed the "Dimension Smasher" and brought the alien Vision to Earth, she would become a target of "Brains" Borelli, a mobster to whom her father owed money. Captured along with her father and Aarkus, the Vision would defeat Brains and his mob, turning them over to the police[1].

Aarkus would become friends with the Masons, and Sheila would grow very fond of him, being one of the few people to make her smile since her mother passed away. When O'Shaugnessy, (a crook hired by local crime lords to eliminate the Vision) would pose as the Mason's new gardener, he would developan interest in the girl that was not reciprocated. Learning that Enoch had to shut the portal between Earth's dimension and that of the Vision, O'Shaugnessy would hold Sheila hostage to force the Vision to return to his home. However, the portal would allow a Kalimachh to enter Earth's dimension. After O'Shaugnessy was killed by the Vision, and the hero would go off to stop the monster, Sheila and her father would fight off the fear-inspiring effects of its black smoke to shut down the portal, trapping the Vision on Earth[2].

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