Sheamur was the governative supervisor of the Psychoville project, which consisted of taking psychopaths, murderers and serial killers from various parts of the country and transfer them to the reconstructed Chicane, a West Virginia town completely destroyed by a fire ten years before, where they suffered brainwashing and mental conditioning to make them perfect sleeping killers to use in their service through the use of a trigger word. Among the people taken and brought to Chicane where he was brainwashed there was also the Punisher, but when Castle regained his mental faculties with the help of Microchip, Sheamur ordered to kill all the inhabitants of Psychoville but he was overwhelmed by the revolt of the town and he himself was wounded by the Punisher. At this point with the completion of the project failed he ordered the complete destruction of the town but not before siphoning and have secured the project data hitherto obtained.



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