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Quote1 It's the human condition. It doesn't matter how much good work we do here, month in and month the end, it's far easier to garner attention by tearing something down. We're a race of rubber-neckers, Jennifer. A society more entertained by acts of destruction than by the fruits of creation. Quote2
-- Holden Holliway

Appearing in "Some Disassembly Required"Edit

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Synopsis for "Some Disassembly Required"Edit

In the wreckage of the Excelsior apartments Awesome Andy and Southpaw find Ditto, realising what he's done. Ditto tells Andy who runs to the JLK&H building. Meanwhile, Jennifer Walters is about to be killed by Titania when she turns invisible to Titania. She realises this is because of a spell on her by the Scarlet Witch (In issue 2. As she escapes Doc Samson is being savagely beaten by Titania. Jen convinces Mister Fantastic to send backup. When she finds Pug and Holden, Jen tells them she needs the help of Stu to win. Meanwhile at a local damage control site, Hercules is trying to earn some money when a group of hjeroes coes past requesting help including the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp and Spider-Man. Before they arrive, Awesome Andy has his head punched off, as the heroes arrive to battle Titania, Reed Richards stops to help save Andy. Meanwhile Stu and She-Hulk are in a local comic book store researching the gem when they discover a way to steal it. Ditto appears to be a dead She-Hulk whilst Jen Walters, still invisible to Titania steals the Gem, transforms and defeats her, it is revealed the only ones who died were She-Hulk's fish.
Mallory Book is in hospital with Pug watching over her.
Awesome Andy is no longer friends with Ditto.
Southpaw and the head of the Mad Thinker android escape on a train to the countryside.
Titania wants Jen Walters as her lawyer ut she rejects.
Hank Pym opens a new version of the Big House in the name of the deceased Scott Lang.
Hercules and the damage control are hired to rebuild the buildings Titania destroyed.

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