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Synopsis for "The She-Hulk Story that's a riff on Christmas Carol"Edit

It's She-Hulk's birthday and she has returned home to her apartment. Playing the messages on her answering machine, she finds over 30 messages of her friends and enemies mentioning her birthday. Getting fed up of hearing the constant reminder that she is getting older, She-Hulk smashes her answering machine. Breaking the fourth wall, she gets annoyed that the narration is also mentioning her birthday. She crumples it up and tosses it out the window almost hitting Spider-Man. The wall-crawler goes up to her window to find out what's wrong. She-Hulk then rants about how her life is in limbo, she can't remember why some of her villains want to kill her, and the Red She-Hulk is trying to steal her name. This reminds Spider-Man to wish her a happy birthday and She-Hulk is less than impressed. Spider-Man tells her that someone needs to put her through a "Christmas Carol" riff so she can appreciate her life. He then dismisses this idea as being overdone and tells her to forget it before swinging off.

At midnight that evening, She-Hulk is awakened from her sleep as Stan Lee suddenly appears in her bedroom. He tells her that he has been watching her from the beginning and has come to help lighten her up. Lee advises her that she will be visited by three ghosts this evening. As She-Hulk bemoans this situation, she suddenly finds herself out of her bedroom and in Los Angeles where she is struck in the face by the Ghost of She-Hulk Past. As this savage incarnation of herself begins beating her around, She-Hulk quickly picks up on the fact that she used to be a savage brute not unlike her cousin. Suddenly, the Savage She-Hulk is shot upon by the LAPD, led by her father, Sheriff Morris Walters. As she calls out to her father, she suddenly slips down a crack in the street and falls into a black void. Suddenly, she lands in the middle of a courtroom. After being sworn in by Weezie Mason and discovering that Awesome Andy is the judge, She-Hulk is cross-examined by the Ghost of She-Hulk Present. Noticing that the jury is filled by the Red Hulk, Thundra, Valkyrie, Doc Samson, Nick Fury, Dan Slott, and Iron Man. She is questioned about her profession and She-Hulk explains that she is a disbarred lawyer with no current team affiliation. When she is grilled by the Ghost of She-Hulk Present about how she can't see how far she has come in her life and suggests that she is just a rip-off of her cousin, She-Hulk grows angry and beats the Ghost of She-Hulk Present to death.

Realizing what she has done, She-Hulk is mortified. Suddenly, the scene changes again, she is in a dark room being haunted by the Ghost of She-Hulk Future. She protests against the criticisms, pointing out how she managed to win over her father, become a hero, and was a member of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and SHIELD. Finally, the Ghost of the Future appears before her, showing She-Hulk that at her current course she will become an evil being called the Misstro. She-Hulk is put off by this, finding that the "evil future version" trope has been done to death and decides to check out of this dream. She climbs up a ladder to the exit and she pops out of a birthday cake where she finds all of her friends and allies with her a happy birthday.

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  • Hydra
    • Bank robbers w/ Thing masks
    • Drake, Hydra operative
    • Jimmy, Club owner, Hydra operative
    • Billy, Jimmy's brother, Hydra operative, shadow powers

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  • White van
  • Police cars

Synopsis for "Ladies' Night"Edit

A bank in Manhattan is robbed by a group of criminals wearing Thing masks. They take the staff and customers hostage and order a teller to open the vault. While they are occupied with this task they don't notice the entry of Warbird until it is too late. When she tries to stop the crook, she blasts one of them, shredding their disguise. Warbird is shocked to discover that it is Spider-Woman underneath the disguise. Spider-Woman tells her not to get involved and uses her venom blast to knock out her ally.

The following afternoon, She-Hulk arrives at the Raft prison as a representative of the District Attorney's Office. She is chastised for being late by Helen Rogers, the lawyer representing the man she has come to question. She-Hulk explains that she was detained because had to stop someone from blowing up Grand Central Station. Soon they go down into the prison where they meet with Drake, one of the bank robbers. He wants to make a plea deal to stay out of prison and tells her all about their robbery and how they where they were planning on meeting with the woman who helped them plan it. That evening, Warbird has come to a bar in Hell's Kitchen and forces the owner to spill about the bank robbery, he also tells her of the meeting place.

Later, when both women go to investigate, She-Hulk spots Warbird's arrival and thinks that she is the woman Drake was talking about. She-Hulk attacks first without asking questions and after the two exchange blows, Warbird spots Spider-Woman and explains that she was the mastermind behind the bank robbery. The two heroines give her chase and She-Hulk ultimately knocks her out. When she comes to, Spider-Woman agrees to tell them what is going on. She takes them to a warehouse and explains that she is working in Hydra. Since the organization has been strapped for cash they have been organizing bank robberies all over the country. When her two allies question why she joined up with a known terrorist organization, she explains that she rejoined the group to find out what they are up to. While She-Hulk wants to bring her in, Warbird insists on following her to find out what's going on, and She-Hulk grudgingly agrees to help.

The three women dress up and infiltrate Hydra's business front, a trendy nightclub called the Fashion Bar. There, Spider-Woman explains that the operation is run by a guy named Jimmy who runs Hydra's money. They make their way into the secret basement, unaware that they have been identified and their presence reported in. While She-Hulk and Warbird go down into the basement, they find a full Hydra facility. Meanwhile, Spider-Woman searches Jimmy's office to find the information she is looking for. However, Jimmy catches her and she is easily defeated as Jimmy's shadow is a sentient being that easily subdues her. Jennifer and Carol are both captured as well. When the three women are reunited, they drop their cover and easily trounce the Hydra agents and defeat Jimmy then turn them over to the police. In the aftermath of the battle, Warbird tells Spider-Woman that she should come to them in the future if they ever need help. With the evening coming to a close, the trio of superheroes part company and return home.

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This story is a reprint of the comic
Sensational She-Hulk #40.

For a full synopsis, please see the comic linked in this message box. Any new or updated information can and should be added to this page. Otherwise, the majority of the information contained on this page is similar to that of the comic linked in this message box.

Synopsis for "Can You Believe This???"Edit

--For a full synopsis of this comic, please see the original publishing of this comic in Sensational She-Hulk #40.--

Continuity Notes

The She-Hulk Story that's a riff on Christmas Carol

  • She-Hulk breaks the forth wall in this story, something she typically done during the run of Sensational She-Hulk
  • She-Hulk recounts some highlights of her career:

Ladies Night

  • The narrative of this story states that this story takes place prior to Secret Invasion. However, this story actually happens much earlier than that. It takes place just after the Avengers disbanded in Avengers: Finale #1.
  • Spider-Woman is being shown as working with Hydra here. Her association in this story was revealed in Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1 wherein she joins Hydra apparently as a double agent. However, as revealed in Secret Invasion #1-8, she was actually replaced by a Skrull spy named Vernake.

Continuity Errors

Ladies Night

  • In this story Carol Danvers is referred to as Ms. Marvel. However, chronologically speaking, this story happens during a period when she was still calling herself Warbird. Carol identified herself by that named from Avengers Vol 3 #4 until House of M #1.

Publication Notes

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[2]

Solicit Synopsis:

  • You NEVER ask a woman her age...especially when she can bench press tractor trailers!
  • But She-Hulk’s big secret is out, because Marvel’s celebrating 30 years of the jade giantess and you’re invited to the party!
  • Join acclaimed Shulkie scribe Peter David for an anniversary tale unlike any other!
  • And if you’re still feeling savage, writer Brian Reed (MS. MARVEL) and artist Iban Coello are hosting an after party in honor of the buff bombshell and her most fabulous friends!
  • With a classic John Byrne She-Hulk reprint as the nightcap, you’re guaranteed to have a gamma-gamma good time!

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