Shatterstar's weapon of choice are his customary two single-edged swords with spiked hand-guards. Both of these swords were forged from science and magic in Mojoverse.

The swords can slice through highly durable materials such as the moorings on Juggernaut's helmet, and both of the swords are equipped with a bio-electric current to make them difficult for others to wield.


  • Vibratory Shock-Wave: Shatterstar is able to resonate a vibratory shock-wave through the metallurgic properties of these swords, even from a distance, though this power physically weakens him.

Alternate Versions

The appearance of Shatterstar's sword(s) has changed from various issues. Here are some of these alternate versions;

Image Description
Shatterstar 003 The sword resembles a broadsword.
X-Force Vol 2 2 Textless The blade of the sword is curved.
Shatterstar 004 The right sword has spiked hand-guards.
X-Force Vol 2 4 The bottom sword has spiked hand-guards, and resembles a large butcher-knife.
X-Factor Vol 1 202 Textless The swords resemble retractable claws.


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