Cap'n Sharrr was the leader of a group of pirates on the planet Nautikos. During the celebration of the Festival of Light, he and his crew attacked the spectators of a show of cosmic rays (the animals, not to be confused with the phenomenon) for being in "his docks."

The Silver Surfer was one of the spectators, and proceeded to defeat the pirates, starting with Sharrr.[1]

Some time later, Sharrr tried to get revenge on the Surfer, and followed him to Elysius 5. During a picnic, the Surfer silvered down, and was caught off guard by Sharrr. Surfer's companion Dawn Greenwood warned him, and prevented the Surfer from being beheaded. Norrin then silvered up and proceeded to scare Sharrr away.[2]


  • Plasmatic Pistols

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