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Shareen (Earth-616) 0001
Information-silkReal Name Shareen
Information-silkCurrent AliasFirefrost
Information-silkOccupationFormer space explorer
Information-silkHeight5' 6"
Information-silkCreatorsDoug Moench
First Appearance
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While visiting the site of the Big Bang, Shareen and her mate Xanth, aliens from a distant future, were pulled into a black hole and killed. Both were reborn without knowing the other had survived. Shareen was reborn into Firefrost as a living embodiment of light, whereas Xanth was reborn as the Ebon Seeker with similar properties to a black hole.

When Reed Richards sent a signal from Earth in an attempt to recover a missing NASA satellite, he inadvertently brought the Ebon Seeker to Earth. The Fantastic Four were unable to stop him, but Shareen showed up and persuaded Ebon to spare Earth and leave together.

Operation S.I.N.

She went with Ebon to the negative wastes, but wanting to be free again, she escaped from him, her escape being the first energy signal that was ever registered.[1] She came back to Earth, landing on Russia in 1952. Her appearance as Firefrost on the forests there eventually drew Woodrow McCord's attention.

Posing as a human, Shareen hid her spaceship and was eventually captured along a group of Russian scientists by Hydra to work in a kind of portal. Knowing Ebon could discover her whereabouts through the portal, Shareen sabotaged her friend Anton Vanko, who was operating the portal,[2] but it was in vain as Ebon had already discovered her location thanks to Howard Stark, who had activated Shareen's spaceship. He used the portal to reach Earth once more, but as the portal was damaged, he became stuck in it.

Shareen's spaceship crash-landed in the Hydra base where she was being kept. One of its passengers, Tania Belinskaya, got injured during the accident, so Shareen became Firefrost one more time to heal her. As she was ready to leave, already having healed Tania, Woodrow McCord appeared to take her down,[1] but was stopped by Peggy Carter. They then started to think about how they could close the portal and send the Ebon Seeker back from wherever he came from, finding the solution to this problem in the form of the power sphere that was feeding Shareen's ship. Shareen filled it with enough energy to feed Ebon from that point on and gave it to him, making him leave Earth.

Shareen stayed with Vanko in Russia as Carter, Howard and McCord returned to the United States of America.[3]


  • Flight
  • Telepathy

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