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The past history of the Shaper of Worlds of Earth-9997 matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart, however there is a major divergence in his origins.

On Earth-9997, it is revealed through the eyes of Kyle Richmond that the Shaper of Worlds is in reality a Skrull. Like humans, the Skrulls had been manipulated by the Celestials and had encoded in their DNA three ties of mutation. It has been further identified that the the power source that controls the Cosmic Cubes is that of a third-tier mutant, and who or what they appear to be is derived from others beliefs.

It has been identified that the Shaper was originally a Skrull that entered the third tier became the Cosmic Cube. After years of use, the Cube regained its sentience and became the Shaper of Worlds.

If the Shaper is aware of this or not is unrevealed, and his fate on Earth-9997 remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of the Shaper of Worlds of Earth-616.

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