Quote1 Sweet Satan's cheerleaders! Please tell me there's more naked girls outside. Quote2
-- Ivan

Appearing in "Pirates, Gangsters and Sea Monsters"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Doc
  • Dirk Redmond
  • Ivan
  • Johnny (death)
  • Sid


  • Assorted dinosaurs
  • Leviathan creature
  • Teddy "The Axe-Man" Xiang

Other Characters:

  • Pookie (Behind the scenes)



  • Stolen diamonds


  • Teddy Xiang's sea-plane
  • The Salty Dog
  • The Sea Goddess

Synopsis for "Pirates, Gangsters and Sea Monsters"Edit

A group of pirates on board the Salty Dog raid a luxury cruise ship called the Sea Queen. While the pirates are in the midst of stealing valuable diamonds, a giant leviathan rises from the depths and attacks the ship. The pirates escape, but they are forced to seek exile on nearby Monster Island.

On the beach of the island, a herd of hungry dinosaurs descends upon them. The pirates defend themselves, but it is not until the arrival of Shanna the She-Devil that the battle turns in their favor. Shanna attacks the dinosaurs with her swords, decapitating several of them in the process.

With the threat temporarily alleviated, Shanna escorts them back towards her refuge. Along the way, one of the pirates, Johnny, falls victim to an over-sized bee. The others manage to avoid a similar fate, and bury their fallen comrade in the jungle.

Four days later, Teddy Xiang and his crew pilot a small airplane towards the location of the Sea Queen's last known coordinates. Teddy's brother was one of the victims of the leviathan attack, and Teddy wants revenge. They arrive on Monster Island. From the security of Shanna's hut, pirate captain Dirk Redmond watches on.

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