Shanna was a member of King Kull's Red Slayers, a group the finest warriors of Valusia. Shanna and a group of Slayers accompanied Kull and Brule on their journey to find the fabled temple of the Serpent-Men. While attempting to reach the temple, by crossing a large river on a raft, the group was attacked by a large see dragon summoned by Serpent-Men preists. The creature destroyed the raft, and sent the group, including Shanna, into the water. While the group was thrashed about the river by the monster, Kull and Brule drove the monster off with their weapons. After surfacing, Kull pulled Shanna's lifeless body to the shore, but was unable to revive him.[1]


As a Red Slayer, it can be assumed that Shanna was well-versed in combat.


Had a set of armor, which included a shield, helmet and chainmail.


Rode a horse.


Broad sword.

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