Shadizar the Wicked is Zamora's gleaming capital, steeped in every sort of evil.

Conan, seeking his fortune in Shadizar, encountered two thieves, Fafnir and Blackrat, arguing over booty. Conan decided to take the treasure himself and quickly took care of the two incompetent thieves. He entered a bar and struck up a conversation with a local wench, Jenna, who took him to her uncle Maldiz, a blacksmith, so he may melt down Conan's suspicious-looking gold coins into a new shape. Jenna was later kidnapped by the cultists of the Night God. Conan eventually rescued her and defeated both the giant batlike creature and the evil priestess Hajii. However, when he woke up the next morning, he discovered Jenna and the gold long gone.[2]

Many years later, entering Maldiz's tavern while looking for work, Conan got into a bar fight involving a patron named Yatha, who was responsible for all of the grey lotus distribution in Zamora. After the Cimmerian was ambushed a pair of desperate lotus addicts outside the bar, he headed to the Three-Humped Camel Street to avenge their deaths.[3]

The night after he returned to the Free Companions camp, he was kidnapped by the assassins of the Night Cult and brought back to their wooden temple in Shadizar, where they offered him as a sacrifice to the Night-Goddess. Although he managed to break his chains, the Cimmerian was captured by the winged creature and taken away to her cave.[4]

Some time later, Conan was ambushed near a warehouse by Helliana and other local thugs.[5]

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Maldiz (Earth-616)

Maldiz (Earth-616)


Maldiz was a blacksmith who met Conan the night before he had slain the winged god of the city's secretive night cult. He helped him melt down his suspicious-looking gold coins into a new shape.[2]

While he was at his forge, he was then attacked by a vengeful pair of night cult madmen, whom he managed to kill, but his right hand was fatally injured and he was forced to abandon his trade. He later purchased the tavern where Conan stopped by many years later, looking for job opportunities for his Free Companions mercenary army.[3]

Former Residents

Hajii (Earth-616)

Hajii (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 6 0001


Hajii was the evil priestess of the Night God, who tried to sacrifice Jenna to the winged batlike creature. While struggling against Conan, she was eventually killed by Jenna herself.[2]

Jasmine (Earth-616)

Jasmine (Earth-616)


Jasmine was a slave of the grey lotus who Conan in a smoke-and-rum stained tavern, but the Cimmerian rejected her. Needing money for Yatha's lotus, she then attempted to ambush him in the nighted streets of Shadizar the wicked, but she was accidentally killed by her own husband.[3]

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