Shabarr was once a priest of Bishru and guardian to their sacred temple. After Atlantis sank beneath the ocean he remained their as their guard in the shape of a living skeleton.

When Prince Kamuu traveled thought the ruins of the once great city and stumbled into a hole in the ground. When he awoke he found himself in the sanctuary of Shabarr the living skeleton of a priest of Bishru who attacked the young boy,. Kamuu tried to resist but his sword damaged by the creature and had to swim away. Kamuu then reached the Kamuu's throne room, and found a mystical sword that was once wielded by Kamuu Emperor of Atlantis.

When Kamuu waved the sword over his head, kneels before the boy proclaiming him "Lord". Shabarr returned to death as his body reverted back to bones and dust in the water. The prince falls unconscious and in his dreams he meet the ancient King Kamuu and his wife Queen Zartra. They showed him his destiny as the future ruler of Atlantis and of his heritage with the city. Kamuu then awoke realizing he never left the throne room.

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