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Seven robots with no official names
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Seven robots built out of the remains of the Red Ronin robot by Tony Stark to act as body guards for Sonfire.
First appearance

After Sunfire was assassinated by his political enemies, Tony Stark build the Seven Silver Samurai out of the remains of the Red Ronin robot to act as body guards for his son and successor to the Asian empire. In recent times the Seven Silver Samurai went along with Sonfire to the United States to join Captain America's army against the Skull. After the death of the Skull, the Seven Silver Samurai returned to Japan with Sonfire.
When Sonfire went with the super-group Xen, Dr. Strange, Loki and Thor to Asgard to help Strange free Clea, he left the Seven Silver Samurai to defend Asia, promising them decommission if they succeeded in their task. While they were gone, the Samurai were put to the test when the ghost of Fin Fang Foom attacked Japan. In spite of their best efforts, they were unable to stop the rampaging ghost until the heroes returned from Asgard. Clea would trap Foom's soul back in its physical form. The Seven Silver Samurai and the others then quickly destroyed the creature.
If Sonfire decommissioned the Samurai robots or not remains unrevealed.

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: The Seven Silver Samurai all have katanas.

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