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Information-silk Official Team Name
Serpent Squad
Information-silk Team Aliases
Second Serpent Squad
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Madame Hydra killed the original Viper and took his name as her own. The new Viper then reunited the Serpent Squad. She convinced the Eel to join the team to avenge his brother's death and then Princess Python joined. Cobra did not wish to serve Viper, and challenged her to a fight, but was defeated.

The team later worked with Warlord Krang in an attempt to raise the lost continent of Lemuria. The Serpent Squad was defeated by Captain America, using his Nomad identity, who defeated the Eel and Princess Python. Cobra turned on Viper and she shot him in the back but he managed to escape. Nomad then rushed Cobra to the hospital.

Serpent Squad

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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