When the future despot Kang and his son, Marcus hatched a plot for world domination, they offered portions of the soon-to-be conquered Earth to any villainous groups or races who would help them by launching attacks against humanity.

The ruler of the Atlanteans, Attuma was one of the first to take up this offer, and launched an attack on the shores of Canada. To help him in this plot, he had Serestus, an Atlantean sorceror, control Torg using a crystal ball, though Serestus found it difficult to concentrate on controlling Torg while Attuma boasted about their progress beside him. The Avengers opposed their plans, and while several of the Avengers engaged Torg in battle, Triathlon leaped from rock to rock to the Atlantean craft Attuma and Serestus were standing on in the bay, and snatched the crystal from Serestus' hands. Serestus' control over Torg was broken, and Torg turned against the Atlanteans who had been controlling him.


Serestus possessed certain sorcerous powers, the limits of which are unknown.

Strength level

Although the average Atlantean male is superhumanly strong and able to lift around 4 tons, Serestus appeared to be a rather old and feeble example, so it is likely he was less strong than that, though probably still stronger than the average human being.


Serestus formerly possessed a crystal ball that allowed him to mentally control Torg.

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