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Sentry Vol 1 5


Sentry Vol 1 5

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Robert Reynolds (Earth-616)
You betrayed me, Reed. You helped me design the Watchtower -- only you would've had the technical know-how to bypass Cloc and give him an order he thought was coming from me. Why did you do it - wasn't it enough to kill me? Did you have to destroy everything I was in the process?
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Reed Richards (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 43 cover
Mr. Fantastic
No! I... I don't remember -- Robert, you were my best friend. I would never knowingly have hurt you... you have to believe me --
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Robert Reynolds (Earth-616)
No, I don't. You once told me you'd trust me with your life. You said I could expect the same from you. Always. How easily we forget, huh, Reed?
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