A prime sentinel that looked like a young teenage girl with her head shaved who helped Bastion conduct Operation: Zero Tolerance. She eventually switched sides, deciding to help Jubilee escape.

Sentinel (Daria) (Earth-616) 001

Her main ability, which triggered when Jubilee attacked her, was to disintegrate into nanotech defensive insects that instinctively sought out their attacker.

Daria couldn't stand to see Jubilee tortured by Bastion because, as Jubilee reasoned to her, they were both "freaks."

Daria flew Jubilee out of her place of detention, which was the New Mexico Base called "Hulkbuster Base."

Daria flew out of sight, determined to keep the Sentinels distracted as Jubilee got away, which is the last time she was seen. It's unknown whether the Sentinels finished her off or if she somehow got away.


Flight while utilizing rocket boosters, energy blasts from her palms.

Strength level

Super Strength

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