The criminal known as Sensitivo was born with abnormally large hands. He learned at a young age that these hands were sensitive enough to detect vibrations, allowing him to detect movements, hear conversations in other rooms, and even detect the combinations of vaults. Ironically enough, he also suffered from Astereognosis as well.

Taking the name Sensitivo, he became a notorious mob leader by 1946, using his unusual talents to commit daring daylight robberies. His next robbery was an attempt to steal letters written by famous writers such as Edgar Alan Poe and Charles Dickens. However, their robbery was discovered by Captain America and Bucky. Caught in the act of cracking the safe, Sensitivo fought off the two heroes and fled, however he broke a nail in the process. Furious at this, Sensitivo was brought to the home of Marge Hawes a manicurist who was dating one of his men. When Hawes accidentally hurt Sensitivo's hand, the criminal strangled her to death in his rage and fled the scene. When Captain America and Bucky learned of the murder they found Sensitivo's finger prints and leather fibres that led them to Sensitivo's hideout: a closed down glove factory on the river front. During the ensuing fight, Sensitivo's murder of Marge Hawes came out, causing his man to turn on him. However, Sensitivo gunned him down and escapes by tossing a grenade at the heroes.

From the dying mobster, Captain America and Bucky learned of Sensitivo's Astereognosis and set a trap for the criminal. Playing on his obsession with hands, the pair publicised that they were getting their hands modelled by a local hand sculptor who also made a public boast to model Sensitivo's hands after his capture. Furious over this, Sensitivo rushed to the studio, where Captain America doused the lights and tricked Sensitivo into picking up what he thought was a gun, but was really a model hand. Cap then easily knocked out the villain who was then turned over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Seismokinesis: Sensitivo's large hands are highly sensitive to vibrations. By placing his hands on a surface, he can detect motion around him, "hear" conversations in another room, and even crack safes.


Sensitivo had two primary weaknesses: The first is that he was obsessed about his hands, any injury or insult made toward them would cause him to go off on a rage.

He also suffered from Astereognosis, a condition that causes those afflicted with it with the inability to determine the shape of an object by touching or feeling it. This was particularly bad when in the dark, as he could not distinguish objects by touch.


Sensitivo used various firearms, notably a pistol and a tommy gun.

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