Quote1 Mr. Parker! I'll say this once! You are not taking one step out of this hospital until the doctor says you can! And is there something you find humorous, Mr. Reilly..?!? Quote2
-- MJ

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Spider-Man, Ben Reilly, is in a mixed mood. His "brother", Peter Parker, recently suffered a debilitating near-death experience, and has recovered, but doctors cannot tell if the condition will return. Additionally, reports are showing a mini-crimewave, of businesses being attacked by super-criminals he has fought in the past. As Spider-Man goes to visit his brother in the hospital, he wonders if this is the beginning of a new iteration of the Sinister Six.

Elsewhere, a mystery figure is seen talking to a strange green meteorite. The narration underscores that this man is not mentally well.

At the hospital, Ben changes into his civilian clothes and walks in on a conversation. Peter and his wife, Mary Jane, are wondering whether to take an ultrasound to find the biological sex of their baby. Ben insists he will love their mutant whatever the answer is.

Changing tack, the trio talk about the criminal attacks. Peter pulls out several newspapers - as an employee of the Daily Bugle, he has a subscription, which has been building up here since it gives him something to do since the doctors don't want him to leave. They open each paper to the page with the report of the previous night's burglary... and are immediately suspicious when they discover that each paper after the first which contains a robbery report contains an advert for the place hit in the next robbery. As it is evening, Ben leaves with today's paper, hoping to catch the criminal in the act. Peter grabs his coat, hoping to go with him - but Mary Jane shuts him down. Ben stays to gloat at the freedom his single life gives him - but he immediately leaves when Mary Jane asks him what is so funny.

That night, Spider-Man is watching the building he thinks is most likely to be robbed: Nakatomi Imports, which had an ad about a shipment of diamonds to be auctioned tomorrow. Before the night is out, Spider-Man sees an explosion, as a lone criminal using the weaponry of the Stilt-Man burst into the building. Spider-Man rushes to attack, just as the smoke starts to obscure the figure... and is then attacked by the weaponry of the Ringer. Before he can recover from this, however, he is struck by a force-beam attack reminiscent of the Unicorn. Spider-Man is knocked unconscious, wondering who the perpetrators can be.

When he wakes up, he is facing his foe - the Looter, a super-strong scientist he fought years before. Manically, the Looter explains that he broke into a S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facility, to perpetrate the ultimate crime: to steal the costumed identities of multiple super-villains simultaneously, and "loot the looters". He has already added Spider-Man's web-shooters to his arsenal, and webbed him in place while he waited for him to wake up.

Looter goes on to explain his motives: getting his powers from a mysterious meteor gas many years ago, he has now decided to summon more meteors of the same kind. To do this required a machine he christened "The Meteorator 3000", which needed funding, and so he pulled off his crime spree to get the funding for the machine, with which he could summon more meteors and finally gain the respect of the scientific community.

At this point Spider-Man nonchalantly asks how long he was knocked out, and Looter responds vaguely that it has been an hour or so. Spider-Man immediately rips himself free of his webbing bonds (as his webbing dissolves in an hour), and fights the multi-equipped Looter. However, he is able to get the upper hand and turn off the Meteorator 3000.

In the immediate peace, Spider-Man picks up the meteor... and realises that it doesn't feel like a meteor. Before he can verbalise what it feels like, however, the meteor is confiscated by a fast-reacting S.H.I.E.L.D. team, who took advantage of Spider-Man's victory to swoop in, arrest the villain, and secure all the gear - including the meteor, which is apparently their main target, and about which they will say nothing.

As the Looter gloats in handcuffs, Spider-Man swings away, ready for his next adventure. He pauses on a rooftop by the river, to have a chuckle about how the Looter's plan was the craziest possible scenario - only to be shocked when New York is suddenty swarmed by a fleet of giant purple killer robots!

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