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Quote1 I'm a comic book character, for crying out loud! I don't want to be dead!! Quote2
-- Sensational She-Hulk

Appearing in "To Die and Live in L.A., Part 2: Death Becomes Her"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Burger Barn
  • DeVasquez Research Technologies
  • The Postmortem Mall


  • miracle ear hearing aid (Mentioned)


  • red convertible sports car (60's corvette)

Synopsis for "To Die and Live in L.A., Part 2: Death Becomes Her"Edit

She-Hulk was pinned under a mountain of debris just outside of the Burger Barn, fading in and out of consciousness. She had an out of body experience where she saw her father being worked on by the paramedics. Here she began to realize there was something wrong.

Quote1 Whoaaa... my hand-- it-- I've been drawn by a different artist! I thought I had a regular penciler now! Quote2
--Sensational She-Hulk

She reviewed the recent events of her life up until that point, and just as they pulled her body from the ground, she realized she had died. She suddenly found herself driving in a red sports car with human remains littering the sides of the road. As she raced towards 'Bright Light', a city advertised to be 8 miles down the road, she reached 110 on the speedometer, and was pulled over by the police!

The Cop turned out to be Death, and after a brief exchange, She-Hulk was able to escape. She came upon The Postmortem Mall, where the dead who love to shop could continue to do so.

There she saw many former heroes and villains, all participating in typical mall type activities. She was then suddenly attacked by the Green Goblin, who specifically came to the mall to pick a fight with super heroes. After a bit of a tussle involving a fear-based flashback from one of the pumpkin bombs, She-Hulk was able to overcome her demons and defeat the Goblin. At the end of the fight, her mother appeared, and absolved her of her guilt over the deaths she inadvertently caused in her past.

Back on Earth, Doctor "Zapper" was conducting an experiment to bring Jennifer back to life!

  • The cover is "after Romita sort of."

  • "Kraven's Sporting Goods" is one of the shops in the Postmortem Mall.

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