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Quote1 Let's just say... you weren't really yourself! Quote2
-- She-Hulk

Appearing in "Love Conquers All"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Police car
  • Securi-car

Synopsis for "Love Conquers All"Edit

Jen and Wyatt relax in her apartment, as Jen reads about Weezi’s exploits as the She-Hulk.

Meanwhile, as Weezi helps finish excavating the foundations of a building, she hears sirens outside. As she dashes along the police car, they an armoured car has been hijacked. She charges after it, and causes it to flip and roll down the road. As the police arrive, she pulls out the hijackers and presents them to the police.

Out at his home, Morris Walters, Jen’s father, bemoans the transformation of his girlfriend, Weezi, into the She-Hulk. He picks up the phone, and buys a plane ticket…

At the fantastic four headquarters, Jen, Wyatt and Reed discuss how to change back Weezi and herself. They realise that if they can give her a big enough shock, she might switch back, but Reed warns it could also send her mad.

Later, at a restaurant, Wyatt and Jen are having a meal when Titania bursts in, and throws Jen across the room, wanting revenge now she can’t fight back. As she knocks out Wyatt, she flings Jen through a window, and continues to fight her in the street.

Meanwhile, Weezi is on a talk show where she talks about being the new She-Hulk. Suddenly, the door to the studio is flung open and Morris bursts in. He grabs the microphone, and tells Weezi he wants her back, but as her normal self, because he loves her as she was.

In the streets, Titania pulls Jen out from a pile of boxes, but receives an uppercut to the face as Jen regains her body from Weezi. She defeats her and returns home.

In her apartment, Weezi apologises to Jen for taking her body, but Jen forgives her as Weezi and her dad make up.

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