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Appearing in "Oops!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Skrull airship (Destroyed)
  • Ovoid ship
  • Big Pig (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Oops!"Edit

Needing to get a message to Weezi on the ship, She-Hulk asks the Ovoid to teach her to mind switch. The Ovoid puts it’s hands to She-Hulk’s head, and makes a few adjustments so she can swap with Weezi. As she concentrates on Weezi, she begins to feel ill. The Ovoid doesn’t know what’s wrong, until Taryn points out that She-Hulk has radiation in her veins. The Ovoid tells them they have to stop, but it’s too late. While She-Hulk gets a green version of Weezi’s body, up on the ship, Weezi gets the She-Hulk’s physique.

On the ship, Weezi and the Skrulls figure out that the Ovoid mind switch must have gone wrong. They teleport down to the planet, where they fight their way to the prison where She-Hulk and the others are bring held. As the Asparagus people open fire, Weezi blocks their passage with a pile of rubble. One of the Asparagus people starts to run, but Weezi goes after him. But he sets his weapon to explode, which will petrify everything on the entire planet. As the Skrulls teleport away, the Ovoid takes them to his ship. They are forced to leave Buford and Rocket, and U.S Archer knocks out Taryn to prevent her staying behind. As the gun explodes, the world is petrified. They return to recover Buford and Rocket, who they are surprised to find aren’t frozen anymore, which the Ovoid realises must mean that the blast cancelled out their petrification.

As the ship flies away, Jen realises that the Asparagus people were actually Carbon Copy Men hiding from the Skrulls. However, she is horrified to learn that her switch with Weezi is permanent…

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