A quiet young boy, all Seiji Honda wanted to do was play with his action figures. Unfortunately, his monstrous stepfather Noboru disrupted this by beating his mother Ikeda. Though he'd promised his mother he would never reveal his mutant powers, Noboru found out about them and intended to send Seiji away. When Ikaeda tried to stop him, Noboru threatened her.

In order to save his mother's life, Seiji animated all of his action figures at once and send them on his cruel stepfather. This proved insufficient to stop Noboru, who cornered the boy on the balcony of their apartment. Noboru made a desperate lunge, and he and Seiji fell over the edge. The fall killed Noboru and left Seiji paralyzed from the neck down.

Since then, Seiji's only means of communicating has been through his action figures.[1]

Whether he has retained this ability after M-Day is unrevealed.


Telekinesis: Seiji had considerable telekinetic abilities, which he channeled through his action figures, animating them. Seiji demonstrated an ability to animate and command large numbers of toys simultaneously, effectively creating small but powerful armies.


Seiji appeared to be autistic, or at least unable to speak. Currently, Seiji is paralyzed from the neck down.


Seiji had a large number of action figures at his disposal. He seemed to particularly favor a green motorcycle-riding figure.


Whatever weapons his toys possessed were essentially his to command, and all guns and blasters would be imbued with a portion of Seiji's power when he animated them.

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