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Secret Invasion: Inhumans Vol 1 1


Secret Invasion: Inhumans Vol 1 1

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Quote1 Mine is to understand weakness. And this I know... So long as the Inhuman family bond remains...we have no weakness. Quote2
-- Karnak

Appearing in "Family (Part 1)"Edit

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Synopsis for "Family (Part 1)"Edit

Karnak is teaching a group of young Inhumans about Inhuman history. More importantly, he reveals a secret that has kept them together for so long - family

The story begins when Tony Stark presents before Medusa and Crystal the corpse of a Skrull wearing Black Bolt's garb. Medusa doesn't understand and demands to the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the whereabouts of her husband, having noticed that he had been making trips to Earth a lot. Stark confesses that he was fooled. Medusa then responds by taking the corpse. Stark tries warning her that a storm is brewing and being prepared is their top priority. Medusa retorts that finding Black is their priority before Lockjaw teleports them out.

On Attilan, the Genetics Council is discussing on increasing security for the Terrigen Mists. Then Medusa comes in, throwing the Skrull corpse on the floor. She states that they must strike back at the Skrulls for replacing Black Bolt. However, his brother Maximus points out that if the Skrulls could capture Black Bolt, then they could've replaced anyone in the city. He asserts that he will personally stamp out the infiltrators. Karnak tries to reason that the Inhumans work as a family; Maximus begs to differ.

Later that night, Skrull sleeper agents then start engaging the Inhumans. Up in Medusa's quarters, she sees a silhouette, who she presumes to be her husband, only to fall into a trap, as it is actually a Skrull with Gorgon's legs and her hair.

Elsewhere, a Skrull scientist is preparing for his experiments on the captive Black Bolt, planning on using his voice as the most devastating weapon for the Skrull Empire.

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