The mutants are known to sometimes develop further abilities and appearances. In some instances, those changes are named Secondary Mutation. That page concerns both the referenced Secondary Mutation, named as it, and other further mutations, including those stated to be Secondary Mutations by fans without editorial or canonical confirmation.
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New X-Men 116 page 8 panel

Emma Frost and Beast's hands, after their Secondary Mutations

The Secondary Mutation[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22] (or "Second Mutation")[23] is a phenomenon in which an existing mutant undergoes another mutation, gaining additional powers, such as healing,[22] or a change in appearance.

Secondary mutation is noted as the appearance of new powers, or an increase in existing powers.

The phenomenon was quickly a subject of public knowledge, as during the first days of Kitty Pryde as an X-Man, Professor Xavier attended a conference on this topic at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.[21]

It was stated by Beast that the secondary mutations usually occurred in the twenties of the subjects,[4] and generally appeared in time of great stress.[10]

It has been shown that secondary mutation could be triggered by more or less natural means, like Beast's mutations coming from his initial experimentation on himself,[24] Elixir's triggered by healing himself (though it was suspected to not be a Secondary Mutation by Dani Moonstar),[4] Quentin Quire's by his overuse of Hypercortisone D,[8] or even created, as for Emma Frost's diamond body somehow " "created" " by Cassandra Nova.[13]

There is some beliefs and hinting points that the Secondary Mutation are linked to the mutants population state: Beast stated that his feline form was possibly linked to that year's mutant baby boom.[25]

Confirmed and suspected Secondary Mutation subjects

As far as we know the first Secondary Mutation witnessed and stated as such is Emma Frost's diamond body, " "created" " somehow by Cassandra Nova.[13]

After the Stepford Cuckoos demonstrated the ability of flight, they were diagnosticed a Secondary Mutation by Kitty Pryde and Beast,[10] but regarding to the following events and the revelation of them Cuckoos' origin, that statement can be strongly contested as being in fact the doing of Phoenix.

(List of mutant confirmed to have undergo a Secondary Mutation)

Quote1 Mutant powers can continue to mutate, given enough time. Quote2
--Damian Tryp about himself[src]

Fan-stated and unreferenced Secondary Mutation subjects

Many occasions of further mutations has been shown, without the statements of Secondary Mutations.

The "first known subject" is Polaris.[26] Beast "is actually the second"[25] and it is he who named the phenomenon.[3] (Actually Beast "had his first (unnamed this way) secondary mutation years before"[24]).

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  • The Secondary mutations concept has been very criticized by some fans.[27]
  • As an extension of that fact, the concept is often used as jokes by mutants,[28][15] and even by mutates like Spider-Man.[17]
  • When affronting heavily mutated Rastus, Callisto thought of him as a mutant who would had underwent "some kind of secondary hyper-mutation as a response to the Sentinel attack" on Genosha.[29]
  • It is unknown as far if mutates can undergo Secondary mutation in that strict definition, but Inhumans have been known to undergo Secondary Terrigenesis.[30][31]
  • In Earth-101001, the Damon-Hall Syndrome is a mutant gene virus that makes mutants get stuck in the secondary mutation form, and become irrational mutant monsters. A serum/drug developed by Hank McCoy can cure and immunize mutants against the condition.[citation needed]


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