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Sebastian Shaw was one of the many mutant aristocrats in En Sabah Nur's regime. He was a prized servant and informant of the High Lord, despite not being a member of his military forces.

When Gambit was seeking the location of the X-Men's secret hideout, Shaw secretly overheard his conversation with Angel and Karma[1]. Shaw brought this information to Apocalypse, who had Karma captured and tortured to learn where the X-Men were hiding[2].

After the death of Apocalypse and the rise of his sucessor Weapon Omega, Shaw managed to position the Hellfire Club into a position of power. When Weapon Omega started resurrecting the formerly deceased Alphas, Shaw and the Hellfire Clubs position was once again threatened however.[3]


Probably those of his mainstream counterpart: Sebastian Shaw (Earth-616)#Powers.

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