Banshee was a member of the X-Men. He had retired, but Magneto had convinced him to join the fight against Apocalypse once more.[1] He would be gathered with other X-Men by Magneto after the discovery of Bishop, a time displaced mutant who had visions of another, better reality. Banshee would be reluctant to believe in Bishop's talk of a better reality had Charles Xavier lived.[2]

He would be a part of a team of X-Men sent to help with a Sentinel evacuation of remaining humans trying to escape North America. They would reprogram the Sentinels with a virus that would make the Sentinels see them as friends. However this would backfire when the Brotherhood of Chaos would arrive and reprogram the virus so that the Sentinels saw the X-Men as hostiles again.[3] Battling the Brotherhood, some of the Madri would escape, and Quicksilver would send Banshee after them. He would find them at their ship, slaughtered by their field leader the Horseman known as Abyss. Abyss would show Banshee that he had kidnapped a human child and tell Banshee to send Quicksilver if they wanted to save the kid. While Quicksilver did so, Banshee helped the others complete the evacuation.[1]

Returning to the X-Men's headquarters at the ruins of Xavier's estate, Banshee and the others would learn that Magneto and Bishop had been captured by Apocalypse. Banshee would join most of the X-Men to Quebec to free Bishop first as he was important to Magneto's plans. There Banshee would clash with the Madri and Abyss once more. In order to stop Abyss, Banshee would sacrifice his life by flying into the packet dimension within the Horseman and unleashing the full force of his sonic scream causing a massive explosion killing them both.[4]


Banshee is an Alpha Class[5] mutant, granting him with the following powers:

Banshee's superhumanly powerful lungs, throat and vocal cords could produce a sonic scream for various effects, in concert with limited, reflexive psionic powers which directed his sonic vibrations. He could hover or fly at the speed of sound, and could carry at least one passenger. He could overwhelm listeners with deafening noise, stun them with tight-focus low-frequency sonic blasts (effective even against shielded ears by penetrating the skull via bone conduction), plunge them into a hypnotic trance, disorient them, nauseate them, or simply render them unconscious. Using sonic waves, he could rapidly vibrate himself or other masses at will. He could generate sonic blasts which struck with tremendous concussive force, liquefying or outright disintegrating targets at his highest levels of power. By radiating sound waves outward and reading the feedback, he could locate and analyze unseen objects in a sonar-like fashion. By modulating his scream's harmonics, he could confuse most scanning equipment. He could instinctively analyze, replicate, and block sonic waves or vibrations from other sources.

Banshee generated a psionic field which protected him from the detrimental effects of his sonic vibrations, though his sonic powers could still injure him when pushed beyond safe limits. His physiology seemed fully vulnerable to conventional injury when his sonic powers were not engaged. Banshee had selective hearing, enabling him to focus upon, enhance, or totally block out any given sound in his environment; this shielded him from the deafening sound of his own screams, and made him a superhumanly acute eavesdropper in surveillance situations.

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