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The Scy'ar Tal were initially a race similar to the Shi'ar. They claimed the planet that contained the M'Kraan Crystal as their own and, just as the Shi'ar would do 12,000 years later; they expelled the life forms inhabiting that area. According to "Elder", the Scy'ar Tal then developed into a more peaceful race before the Shi'ar massacred his people.[4]

They were once called the M'Kraan, but the Shi'ar destroyed their home world and claimed the M'Kraan Crystal as their property. The survivors traveled the spaceways, looking for refuge. When an elder died, another "Elder" took on leadership and the Scy'ar Tal grew into a stronger race. They spent the next thousand years changing their way of life to combat the Shi'ar.[1]

The Scy'ar Tal participated in a war against the Shi'ar Empire, but their agenda of exterminating the Shi'ar forced the resistance to side with the Empire. In the final showdown it appeared that Vulcan wiped out their entire fleet (presumably their population).[4]


They appeared to have evolved from an aggressive race into a peaceful one, dedicated to worshiping the god that dwells within the M'Kraan Crystal (13,000 years ago); then reverting back into stronger and more violent people (1,000 years ago).[5]


The Scy'ar Tal were ruled by their leader (Elder). However, they appeared to be a communal group (calling each other 'brothers') that once worshiped a god in the M'Kraan Crytal. They developed their culture into a more aggressive society.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Scyar power
  • They could project an electric blue-colored energy blast that resembles flames[1]
  • An elder passed down immense strength and power to his successor, and this "Eldest" gets his strength from all surrounding Scy'ar Tal, maybe even all of his species.[6]


  • The Scy'ar Tal were an incredibly advanced race, that had re-trained themselves in the art of war.
  • They were able to communicate telepathically by interacting with the astral forms of psychic beings.[1]
  • One of the "Elders" lived for more than 1000 years.

Average Strength level

The largest of them seemed to possess above human strength (able to snap Gladiator's wrist) and a high resistance to energy-based attacks (as powerful as Vulcan's).[1]


None known.


Population: Male[1]


Type of Government: Tribe[1]
Level of Technology: * Advanced Technology
notable feats:

  • Weapons and Vehicles
    • Shard
      Cultural Traits: A society based on kinship and dedicated to the destruction of the Shi'ar.


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