Screwball committed crimes while a camera crew filmed her. The films were placed on a web site which generated revenue based on hits. She tried to get Spider-Man on camera multiple times because "whenever you're on my show, I get more hits than ever." She and Spider-Man first encounter each other at the time when Spider-Man was tracking down the "Spider-Tracer Killer."[2]. She posed as Spider-Man to help the Bookie by fighting a villain called Basher. The fight was uploaded on YouTube with the patrons of the Bar with No Name. The real Spider-Man showing up to stop the fight between the two of them lead to the Enforcers targeting Bookie.[1]

Screwball was later seen at the Bar With No Name joining the villains into fighting Spider-Man and Daredevil.[3]

Screwball's fight with Spider-Man caused Ben Reilly to be unable to buy his pictures.[4]

Following Doctor Octopus making off with Lily Hollister's baby, Spider-Man went after every villain where he captures Screwball and Looter in Midtown.[5]

She was briefly seen being chased by Spider-Girl who had informed Screwball that she was no longer broadcasting her show due to the heroine taking out her cameraman. She was last scene being arrested by the police after Spider-Girl left.[6]

Screwball later joined forces with Jester into pranking Mayor J. Jonah Jameson. Upon uploading the prank on the Internet, both villains were defeated by Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Spider-Man's body).[7]

She was later seen in Las Vegas[8] having formed a partnership with Arcade in which she does his bidding and he gives her training, equipment and exclusive streaming rights.[9]


Skilled in urban gymnastics.

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