Mr. Scratch was a Lord Protector and a fanatical follower of the Red Queen, who performed all of her orders.

When Forge created the Engines of God, Scratch killed him, to keep the Queen's secrets safe.[1]

Eight years later, when Nate Grey from Earth-295 came to Earth-998, and escaped from the Red Queen, Scratch went looking for him. He found X-Man in a Shaman's hidden village, where both Nate's were talking with Forge. Scratch destroyed Forge's body, paralyzed X-Man, and almost strangled Shaman. Shaman used his powers to stabilize X-Man's power, gave him his X-Gene insignia and send him home to Earth-616.

Thinking it was Nate Grey from Earth-295, Scratch captured Shaman and took him to the Red Queen. The Queen realized that it was fake, defective Nate, and then killed him. She ordered Scratch prepare the Engines of God, to go to the Earth-616, but before he did anything, the machine was destroyed by X-Man, and Scratch apparently died in the explosion.


His power is that no mutant power can affect him.[2]

  • His scar appeared after the assassin plunged knives into his brain[1], because of what he exist in an unrelenting state of murderous rage.[3]

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