The history of this incarnation of Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, most likely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

When first seen, Cyclops is leading the other X-Men in battle against the Marauders. The young heroes known as Power Pack try to help them, but only end up makign things worse and the X-Men are defeated. While the other X-Men retreat to Xaviers institute, Cyclops decides to investigate the matter further since he knows that the Marauders' prescence means Mr. Sinister is also nearby. Before leaving however, he tells Power Pack not to intervere any further.

Cyclops' own investigation doesn't go too well and he is taken captive by the Marauders, who deliver him to Mr. Sinister in his new laboratory. Fortunately, Julie Power and her boyfriend Greg see this because Greg is an intern at the same lab and was secretly showing Julie around. Julie warns her siblings. Power Pack attacks the facility and frees Cyclops. Together, they manage to defeat the Marauders and destroy the lab, rstoring Cyclops' trust in Power Pack.

Sometime after this, Cyclops led the other X-Men in battle against a rampaging Hulk, along with multiple other heroes. Like the others, he found himself outmatched by the green giant untill Katie Power used her powers to revert Hulk back to Bruce Banner.

When Wolverine invited Power Pack to visit Xavier's Institute after they helped him defeat Sauron, Alex attended a class given by Cyclops. When a group of Sentinels attacked the schoool, Cyclops at first didn't want Power Pack to get involved since this wasn't their fight. He changed his mind however when Power Pack proved more than capable of handling the Sentinels, especially because they had the advantage that the Sentinels did not consider them a threat.


Seemingly those of Scott Summers (Earth-616)#Powers.


Cyclops' Visor

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