There exists an other-dimensional earth where the Red Skull won World War II and Victor von Doom now leads the planet with a totalitarian, military rule.[1]

On this planet, Scott Lang, was a stuttering, sadistic, madman who killed his own daughter at the request of Von Doom after Cassandra refused to swear allegiance. He served with the Thunder Guard and worked with Henry Pym where learned of the Pym Particles.[2]

When the new generation of Avengers crossed over into this alternate world Pincer was all too happy to have the chance to kill his daughter (the Avenger known as Stinger) all over again. His first chance was cut short through the interference of American Dream but when he got his second chance, Stinger was able to defeat him.[2]


Pincer has knowledge of Pym particles, which allow him to alter the size of matter.


He is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant


He used a variety of weapons, primarily "gas grenades"

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