Scoops Winston was a colleague of John Rand. In the 1940's, when seeing a picture of the jungle man known as Ka-Zar (John's adult son Daniel), Scoops would travel into the Belgian Congo with the Rand family lawyer Alec Wright to insure that the Rand diamond minds would be turned over to him. Unknown to Winston, Wright had forged documents to make himself co-owner of the mine after John was declared legally dead. Meeting Ka-Zar, they would spend the evening in a cabin on their way to see the Rand family graves to prove Ka-Zar's identity.

Wright would attempt to slay both Winston and Ka-Zar by trapping them in the cabin and setting it ablaze, however Ka-Zar's ally Trajah the elephant would rescue them. After Wright would fall off a cliff to his death, Ka-Zar would send Winston back to England to insure that the profits from his family diamond mine would go toward the war relief fund in England.

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