The Scarecrow was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He lived on a ranch in the town of South Forks and pressured local cattle owners to sell him their cattle for cheap and then selling them up in Storyville for a much higher price. When local rancher Herb Latimer refused to sell the cattle the Scarecrow and his gang gunned him down, leaving his 17 year old sister Betty the owner of the cattle. In order to pressure Betty and others into selling cattle for cheap, the Scarecrow and his men blasted rock to dam up a river that delivered much needed water to the various ranches to pressure them to sell.

By this time, local rancher named Ernie Cantrel gathered the locals to try and stand up against the Scarecrow. They were assisted by the timely arrival of the heroic outlaw Kid Colt, who agreed to help them fight. Kid Colt had Ernie and his men set up guard out of range of the the Scarecrow's gang who were guarding the dam. He then convinced Betty to agree to sell the cattle to the Scarecrow, knowing that given Betty's age it would not be considered a valid sale. The Scarecrow did not realize this and accepted the sale and took Betty's cattle off to Storyville to make a profit. Meanwhile, Kid Colt set fire to the Scarecrow's barn, distracting his men long enough for Ernie and his posse to gun down those who were left to guard the dam.

Kid Colt, Ernie and Betty then rode to Storyville just as the Scarecrow completed selling the cattle for $15,000. When Kid Colt revealed his plan and took the Scarecrow's ill gotten money, the outlaw and his men attempted to fight back and were gunned down by Kid Colt and his allies.[1]


The Scarecrow rides a horse


The Scarecrow carries a six shooter.

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