Scarecrow's Crows of Doom

Crows of Doom (Earth-9047)
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Scarecrow's Crows of Doom
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Two crows
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Offengers; X-Persons; other superheroes
First appearance

The villain Scarecrow traveled around with two crows which were almost always shitting around over him and saying "caw". The Scarecrow gloated to his crows; apparently they served to no other function. Not that this was useless: this way, the Scarecrow can explain his schemes out loud for us, the audience.[1]

The Scarecrow tricked the Offengers and the X-Persons to fight each other, and their battle escalated when other superheroes joined. He intended to take his chance and "seize power" somehow, but Sore and Bulk moved during their fight and smashed him. The crows dodged because they could fight, but the Scarecrow was defeated. Once the heroes had moved, the crows moved over their master and resumed defecating.[1]

They were then joined by the Behinder, who was looking for Secret Wars III. Many heroes and the badly-injured Scarecrow expelled him, and one of the crows uttered "Nevermore"[1]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: They fly.[1]
Weapons: None known.

The crow saying "Nevermore" is a clear reference to Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 poem The Raven, in which a raven repeats that word several times.

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