Nothing is known of the woman called the Scarab, except that she was an agent of Apocalypse during the First Crusade and thought to be one of the most powerful mutants of her day. Her master charged her with awakening the potent mutant potential of a Crusader knight, Bennet du Paris.

Ambushing Bennet from beneath the ground, the Scarab dominated him in combat, disarming him and destroying his blade, all the while imploring him to access his mutant gift and defeat her. She also named him as "Exodus." As the fight proceeded, energy welled up in Bennet's body. Eventually, Bennet proved victorious, releasing that energy and annihilating the Scarab. From that day forward, he discarded the name Bennet du Paris and took up the one the Scarab gave him, "Exodus."


The Scarab was a mutant who resembled a humanoid insect, and she had segmented limbs, including two extra limbs sprouting from beneath her arms, and a tough carapace. She demonstrated the ability to burrow through the ground, as well as superhuman strength enough to shatter a steel sword.

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