Scanner is a member of the Zn'rx race from the 31st Century, with extraordinary abilities to sense things around him -- including behind him -- from any distance, be it across a field or between stars. Using these powers for personal gain, he joined the mercenary group Force.

Force found a copy of the Book of Antag, and followed its clues to a legendary artifact of great power. The keeper of this artifact placed Force in single combats with members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, pairing Scanner against Nikki. Through misdirection and guile, Nikki managed to win their fight, earning Scanner's hatred. [2].

Scanner was given an opportunity to return the favor when Force and the Guardians were thrust together during the contest to be the Matriarch of Protege and semi-ruler of the Universal Church of Truth. He nearly had his revenge, but was stopped by his teammate Broadside before he could inflict any lasting harm. [3]

Scanner continues to be an important member of Force.


  • Scanner has the ability to track his prey anywhere across a planet or across the vastness of space.
  • In the letters columns for Guardians of the Galaxy numbers 8 and 13, the editor states that Scanner is a Mutant.

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