Satrina served as both the servant and lover of Kartag. Her origins are similarly unknown, but she was unaware that they served a higher power: The Fates. She first confronted Thor and the Warriors Three, catching them off guard with casual conversation, and then released a crimson mist that robbed them of consciousness. When they awoke, Satrina had enchanted their minds, making them believe they were in the hands of fair and amorous maidens--a place they were none to eager to vacate. Thor, however, overcame her illusions, and after some struggle forced his allies to do so as well.

As the heroes continued their journey, she conjured Redguard to entrap them, but they overcame this obstacle as well. Finally, she led them to the Well itself, hoping that Kartag could overcome them. As Kartag battled Thor, Satrina created great hands out of the rocky ground to hold the Warriors Three and prevent their interference (likely an illusion). Satrina failed to understand what was going on when the Fates appeared and granted some of the water from the Twilight Well to Thor and his allies. Mistaking them for attackers, she fired a bolt of energy at the Fates, which had no effect. Kartag calmed her and attempted to explain their true role.[1]


Satrina's primary abilities seemed to be illusion casting and mesmerization, although she did fire a bolt of energy at the Fates. She could levitate herself and other small objects.

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