Little is known about Sasha, save that she was a mutant teenager somehow acquired by the evil Helena Carlson's DermaFree Corporation as an unwilling test subject and taken to the company's secret laboratory in Austria. In the lab, Sasha's powers were harnessed to sedate the other guinea pigs. They were eventually freed by the shapeshifting spy Mystique, who had been sent by Professor X to infiltrate DermaFree and rescue any mutant test subjects.

Mystique put the mutants up in a hotel, but, enraged over DermaFree's acquisition of her own genetic material, neglected to keep watch over them, and they were recaptured again. Carlson gave the order to march them back to the lab and execute them, with graves being prepared for them ahead of time. The guards took special care to knock out Sasha, as she was the most powerful mutant present. However, her unconsciousness was a ruse, and she gave a telepathic signal which prompted the other mutants to attack and defeat the guards. Following this, the group was reunited with Mystique.

In the aftermath, Sasha and the other mutants led Interpol investigators to the room in the lab where they had been held captive, which DermaFree had repainted overnight into a daycare center. However, Jura used his powers to burn away the paint, and many DermaFree personnel, including Carlson's personal assistant, were arrested. Carlson herself escaped charges due to lack of evidence, but the resulting scandal ensured DermaFree would never test on mutants again and may have even sent them on the road to bankruptcy.


Sasha was a telepath capable of projecting realistic mental illusions to sedate others, implanting signals in the minds of others, and levitation. She was typically surrounded by multi-colored sparkles of light when she used her powers.

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