Scanner was among the many mutants recruited by Fabian Cortez to become a member of the second incarnation of the Acolytes. She was often seen as weak by the other Acolytes, and she lacked the confidence that the others had.

She was one of the few who survived not only the deadly attack by Holocaust, but also the subsequent loss of the Acolytes' orbital base Avalon thanks to an escape pod that also counted Cyclops among its fleeing passengers. Scanner survived with the help of Unuscione, Cargill, Sven and Harlan Kleinstock, and Cyclops. Upon their return to Earth, Scanner helped Cyclops find the X-Men´s base in the Australian Outback and willingly gave herself up to the authorities who sought her arrest. She later escaped, only to rejoin the Acolytes.

On M-Day, Scanner was depowered due to the Scarlet Witch.[2]


None, Ryall is a depowered mutant.

Prior to HOUSE OF M....Sarah served as a human detector and scout for Magneto.
Scanner's primary power was BIO-SENSING.
Her powers allowed her to sense the presence of individuals within an undefined radius. If she focused and concentrated she could find individuals miles away with precise readings of their status. This allowed her to determine or/and distinguish mutants from non-mutants, acquire a sense of their power levels and some idea of their emotional state.

Her secondary power was:
She manifested her spirit into an intangible entity thus leaving the true body vulnerable. She had the following abilites while in Astral Form:

1. Speed of Thought (Teleportation)
2. Telepathic Communication
3. Invisible or an Opaque State
(Depending on if she wanted to be seen or not)
4. Disrupt and obliterate other Astral Forms
5. Greater Sensing and Detection of Astral Forms

Writers made an error that stayed with her in the comics.

Later her powers evolved into an intangible Electro-transitional State. In this form, Scanner's body itself became a living hologram simulating a poltergeist visage with electrokinetic properties.

This power granted the same abilities as her ASTRAL PROJECTION form with the exceptions to Instantaneously Teleport and Obliterate other Astral Forms. She traveled at Light Speeds simulating a lightning bolt effect that allowed her to fly. At her full capacity she moved fast enough to appear to have simulated teleportation. Another benefit was high resistance against any kind of detection or probing while in this state.

In this form she gained the ability of "Bio-Electric Disruption" to attack her enemies. She could attack by passing through a victim, sending a surge through a limb that was currently in contact with the victim or by emitting a short ranged pulse. This ability disrupts electrical currents or signals that run within the brain and throughout the body, therefore, immobilizing the victim. Often victims recovered with signs of short term amnesia and temporarily slowed motor functions.

Strength level

Average Human

  • Later writers mistakenly wrote Scanner as transforming her body and clothing into an 'electro-transitional' state, instead of projecting it.
  • Scanner's facial markings are apparently some form of makeup as she's not always seen with them and they aren't always the same when she does have them.

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