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Santo Marco was a tiny colony founded during the Spanish colonization of South America, in the early 16th century. The colony was later taken over by Portuguese, Dutch then French domination.[1]

Independence and Montalva's rule

In the early 19th century, General Alejandro Montalva assumed power and achieved independence of the country.[1]

After decades of Montalva's cruel dictatorship, the people of Santo Marco rebelled and overthrew his corrupt regime.[1]

Democratic republic and Navidad's government

The country became a democratic republic, and Felix Navidad was elected for president, and ruled peacefully for many years.[1] His government nevertheless wanted to kill the mutants.[2]

Magneto's rule

The country was taken over and Navidad's government overthrown by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (by creating an illusory army[3][1] and employing a small army of mercenaries) and briefly occupied the country[4] which they declared a mutant homeland.[5] During that time, the people were even afraid from leaving their homes.[2]

They were eventually driven out by the X-Men.[3][1][4][2]

Augustine's rule

Upon Magneto's departure of Santo Marco, head of the Santo Marco Armed Forces General Luis Augustine assumed control of the country, plunging it into another era of dictatorship, and prompting the formation by outspoken activist Carlos Zapatero of the Popular Front for Santo Marco.[1]

Tension grew, with television talking about tribal grudges and atrocities on both sides of the conflict. At least since the beginning of the Taino Rebellion, former soldiers imprisoned for murder or rape (such as sergeant R. Belasco) were released and reinstated, torture and murder were performed in prisons such as the Coahiba Detention Center, mass murders were performed, such as the burning of 312 refugees in the Iglesia de Cristobal, or the multiple killings of the Santo Marco Armed Forces Death Squad 832.[6]

Despite the presence of inernational observers, including United Nations Blue Helmets, president Augustine had the army to gather citizens to stadiums to use a retrofitted Sentinel to gene scan them, separating out everyone from the same tribe as the main rebel leaders, before performing mass killings. War Machine foiled such mass murder,[6] butchering at least twenty-six Santo Marcan soldiers. That attack war part of the War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity charges carried out by the International Court of Justice of The Hague against War Machine, and Santo Marco moved to extradite him as soon as the trial would be over.[7]

Duarte's rule

At some point and in unrevealed circumstances, Augustine was eventually replaced by President Duarte.

The X-Men worked with the opposition party to defeat President Duarte's new anti-mutant bill. At the same period, Suncorp Properties expelled fishermen all along the northern shore of Santo Marco to built their resort.[8]

At that time, Storm intervened to stop a tsunami over such a village, but was instant later confronted to Suncorp's army army who inflicted on her their bigotry. They returned but were defeated and delivered to local authorities, prompting President Duarte to swore to investigate. Expelled fishermen all along the northern shore soon kicked out Suncorp guards and reclaimed their villages.[8]

At some point, Duarte bombed the capital (causing the evasion of many zoo animals).[9]

Chaos after Duarte's rule

After Duarte's fall, the country went into chaos (save for a stretch along the coast defended by the mutant Jorge), and anti-mutant bigotry didn't disappeared.[9]



Santo Marco is a little country of South America bordering French Guiana by the west and the Pacific Ocean at north and east.[1]

On another statement, Santo Marco was stated to be an island nation.[4]


The major languages in Santo Marco are the English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.[1]


The monetary unit used in Santo Marco is the Santo Marco Peso.[1]

The major resources are coffee, cocoa, timber and tourism.[1]


The defense of Santo Marco is assured by the Santo Armed Forces, including the Santo Marco Army and Navy.[1]

President Duarte also possessed the capabilities to perform a bombing of his capital city.[9]

Public Safety was tasked with controlling the people, using murder and internment to do so.[10]

International relations

Santo Marco is part of the United Nations, UNESCO and of Union Latina.[1]


Apart from the rulers' crimes and the resistance of opposition forces such as the Popular Front for Santo Marco, the country suffers from other form of criminality:

  • Illegal narcotics trafficking frequently occur (due to the proximity to the Amazon rainforest), and Santo Marco is growing transshipment point for illegal South American narcotics destined for Europe and the USA.[1]
  • Mercenary Parnell Jacobs once ran guns for the dictator of Santo Marco.[6]
  • Suncorp Properties had armed militants expel inhabitants of the northern shore of the country to built its resorts.[8]

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The people of Santo Marco are Santo Marcan[7](s).


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