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As leader of the Children of the Vault, Sangre is a ruthless man that has the ability to produce bubbles that surround his enemy's head, leading to eventual suffocation (obviously an application of aquakinetic ability). While he normally works in the background, he is an intelligent leader and well-respected by his teammates. He takes his work very seriously, and is most concerned with the survival of his race. After Serafina revealed herself to the X-Men, Sangre decided to launch an attack on the group. When the mutants fought back, they foiled the plan to destroy the Xavier Institute, and Mystique shot Sangre with thermite bullets, which turned the water in his body to air when they exploded, killing him.


Bubble Creation: Sangre could form bubbles of water from the moisture in the air and could direct them. He used this ability to form bubbles around his targets head, therefore suffocating his victims by blocking out oxygen.

Watery Body: He had a watery body that made him hard to injure.

"Sangre" is the Spanish word for blood.

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