While he physically resembled Flint Marko, the Earth-616 Sandman, the Sandman of Earth-311 was an albino. He alluded to an ability to summon nightmares, and sent Ben Grimm to sleep by blowing sand in his eyes. According to Otto von Doom, he also had the ability to place John and Susan Storm into a "waking dream" that would make them highly suggestible, but he was prevented from doing this by Rita.

Both the Sandman and Trapster were crushed by falling debris when Bensaylum collapsed. Sandman's final words were: "To sleep... perchance to dream..."


Sandman can conjure up dreams and nightmares. He can also induce sleep and waking dreams by blowing sand on people.


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This version of Sandman resembles Neil Gaiman's Dream of the Endless, aka Morpheus, from DC's The Sandman series. His powers also resemble those of Morpheus far more than the mainstream Marvel Sandman.

  • Sandman's eyes change colour through the course of the story. Most of the time he has white sclera and red irises, but when he uses his powers on Ben Grimm in issue 4 his whole eyes become black - yet another reference to Gaiman's Morpheus. Just before his death, his irises were clearly blue.

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