San is a resident of Earth-TRN215 from the year 2548, a highly advanced society that among other things invented time travel. During that year a mysterious warlord named Wolf Turber attempted to conquer his future time. When he failed, he stole a Time Tower and travelled into the past. Turber ended up on Earth-616 in the year 1949 and began his plot of conquest there. San followed and arrived at the New Jersey sanitarium where Turber worked from as a front for his plans. There he crossed paths with Captain America and his inventor friend Allan Tremont, who were also looking for Turber who had kidnapped Allan's sister Nanette. Learning the truth about Turber, the pair agreed to help San track Turber through time and stop his mad plans of global conquest. San and the others followed Turbor to the years 1780, and 1649 of Earth-616, and then to the year 3550 AD of Earth-TRN215. There, they finally caught up with Turber as a global war erupted around them. San was crushed under falling debris and died from his injuries. Captain America eventually stopped Turber in the distant year 200,000 AD.[1]


Time Tower from Captain America Comics Vol 1 73 0001

Time Tower

San travelled through time in his Time Tower, a device that could travel forward and backward in time. However, in attempting to travel into the past he ended up on Earth-616 from his home reality of Earth-TRN215. The device did not appear to have the ability to transport it's travellers to different locations as well as time as every era it visited was in the relative area of modern day New York City.

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