Sam was in the camp, headed by William Stryker, when the Storm was taken to the camp, then Sam get to know her, admitting that already a fan. Despite the situation with mutants spirit Sam was not broken, which he calls the impression of Ororo.

A few weeks later, Sam and other mutants see Nimrod, flew over them and camps were opened Blackheath told Ororo, that Kitty Pryde has built an army of mutants against Nimrod, and that they cleared 14 camp. Sam decides that Kitty need help and trying to raise the spirits of Ororo, and later with other mutants capture one of the camps then go to the rescue to Kitty Pryde, Ororo thanks Sam for that raised her spirit confidence.[1]

Reservation X

Samuel Smithers (Earth-1610)

Blackheath secretly focused with Mach Two.

Sam, together with twenty mutants transported to the new mutants, where he was not happy that they were sent into the desert. When Mach Two decides to change the leader of mutants and arranges voting, Sam voted for her as a leader. After voting the company traveled to the village, where Sam was angry from the heat, and the Storm with permission Kitty caused the rain from what she admiration among the Sam. Having reached the place which is called Utopia, they gather make the earth a more hospitable, Sam, Storm and Zero discussed with the Kitty in the Reservation they can grow crops. Later Blackheath focused with Nomi, she shows him his abilities, picking up the trailer in which they are located high above the earth. And Blackheath operates with Mach Two as a spy in the group Kitty Pryde, but continues to work with the Kitty to make the land of hospitable.[2]

Blackheat together Kenji and Storm worked on cultivation of soil and created a hothouse for growing crops. On the following morning, Ororo and Sam were in Teplice, Sam interested in her the desire Kitty benefit. Ororo understands that Sam tries to recruit her to the side of Nomi, and said that it cares about is that Kitty liberated the camp. Blackheat through a microscope to see that they can grow smart seeds and asks Ororo call Kitty.

Later Sam told Kitty the worth of these seeds, and Kitty decided to talk with Sam alone, he explained that they need to show the society, but Kitty decided to reveal about it to Tony Stark. The next day comes Tony Stark and learns about the mutant seeds, Sam explains to him that the seeds he planted a few minutes ago, which started growing rapidly, from what Tony replied that the seeds will bring wealth to the population of Utopia.[3]

When the evening began with a press-conference arranged Tony Stark, Sam was present along with the rest of the mutants, and the assembled people in Utopia, and listened to the speech Kitty Pryde. On the morning Storm with Zero and Blackheath discussed about the business of seeds. Sam was not delighted that Kitty is getting all the publicity, but the Storm explains that Kitty face Utopia, and Stark uses it to their populations looked normal. When the night Utopia attacking riot police, sent to those who wishes to collect smart seeds and kill mutants, thanks to the supervision of Tony Stark, Sam with other mutants woke up and fought with them then tied mercenaries.[4]

Soon Sam with other mutants sees that to the Utopia got dehydrated Husk. The next morning Sam present during a meeting of mutants, arranged Kitty. But there was an explosion from a place where the cultivated seeds. But later Tony Stark gave a handful of seeds Storm and Blackheath, and told them of the terms of staging the destruction of seeds.[5]

Natural Resources

Samuel Smithers and Ororo Munroe (Earth-1610)

Sam together with Ororo waiting for the arrival of the Colossus in Utopia.

At night near the ledge Utopia, Sam sees that the Storm awaits the Piotr Rasputin, and made her company. Sam said that her friend will come and compares the Storm with abandoned pet that only waits. Ororo explains that Piotr her friend from camp, and wants to, he found a way to Utopia, though he would not come back to it and is not now, from what Sam answers that never understand it and gives his jacket Ororo, that it is not frozen.[6]

The Final Incursion

If he was alive at the time, Blackheath most likely died when the entire universe came to an end as a consequence of a phenomenon known as an incursion.[7]


Plant Manipulation: Blackheath has the ability to manipulate plant life and vegetation in a surrounding area. He also displays the ability to sense the vitality and quality of the soil in an area as he did when initially determining the soil in the Mutant Reservation area to be toxic to plant life.

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