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When one of his Hulkbusters team-mates was killed in a training mission that was interrupted by Dr. Leonard Samson, LaRoquette swore vengence against anything with gamma-irradiated blood.

Though having to work with Dr. Samson as part of a deal with SHIELD, he still wished to kill both the Rick Jones version of Hulk and the Bruce Banner version.

When Nick Fury shut down the Hulkbusters, the Leader offered him and his former team-mate Craig Saunders Jr. to help him to defeat the Hulk.

Leader changed LaRoquette into a stone-exoskeleton wearing machine of destruction.


LaRoquette is a survival expert with experience in many harsh climates and terrains.


As a Hulkbuster, LaRoquette had access to advanced technology such as battlesuits, planes and large land vehicles outfitted with weapons powerful enough to threatean the Hulk. As Rock, LaRoquette is permanently bonded to a shape-shifting, rock-like exoskeleton that responds to his thoughts. The exoskeleton grants him immense durability, superhuman strength (Class 25) and flight. Rock can shape the exoskeleton into various forms, including a spiked form and a giant human shape over 30 feet tall. Because Rock is mentally linked to his exoskeleton, any harm done to it will also be felt by Rock.

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