Samson is a being of Biblical legend, who according to various faiths was granted super-human strength by God himself. The key to his power was linked to the length of his hair and beard. In ancient times, he was tricked by Delilah into revealing the secret of his strength, and this ended up being Samson's downfall. According to Biblical texts, he died when he purposely caused the Temple of Dagon to collapse.[1]

For unrevealed reasons Samson was resurrected and was invited to live among the Olympians in the realm of Olympus. When Olympus was briefly moved to the planet Venus by Venus, Samson went along as well. Over the years his memories of his past became clouded and hard to remember.

In the year 1949, Venus had taken up a mortal guise and began romancing the mortal Whitney Hammond, publisher of Beauty Magazine. During a period in which Hammond was too engrossed in his work to pay attention to Venus, she brought Samson to Earth in order to make Whitney jealous. When this failed, Venus abandoned Samson, who was taken up by Beauty Magazine's secretary (and Venus' biggest rival) Della Mason who convinced Samson to get a shave and a haircut. Struggling to remember how this was familiar to him, Samson did what Della asked. However, Della soon became engrossed in her work as well and Samson instead turned his attention back to Venus, trying to force her to give up on Hammond in favour of him.

When Whitney caught Samson forcing himself on Venus he quickly became jealous and easily knocked out the weakened Samson with a single punch. Hammond returned to his work and Venus reminded Samson of his weakness before banishing him back to Olympus.[2]

Samson has not been seen since, his subsequent fate is unknown.


Samson has super-human strength that increases or decreases depending on the length of his hair. At their longest it can be presumed that Samson has strength equal of that of the Olympian gods.


When his hair is cut short Samson loses his strength. A sensible haircut weakened him enough to be felled by a single punch by a mere mortal.

Samson's Hebrew name is Shimshon[[1]].

Samson was a Tenth Century BC Hebrew leader. Ironically, the Philistines which he fought were of Greek origin.

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