Born in the 1950s, Samantha Destine is the youngest of the adult members of the extraordinarily long-lived Destine family.

Over the years, she has attempted to remain close with her siblings, especially her brother Dominic. Samantha has also spent time with her sister Kay Cera and the youngest members of her family, Rory and Pandora.


Samantha can organically generate ectoplasmic metallic projections in the form of protective armor, hand held shields, bladed weapons, glider wings, and so on, surrounding her body. As Samantha can alter the shape of these projections, this armor seldom looks the same twice. Samantha retains her sense of touch even through the armor. Samantha is extremely long-lived - although she was born in the 1950's, she still appears to be a young woman.


Samantha is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and swordswoman, with decades of experience.


As she is accustomed to generating her armor around herself, flesh can seem repulsive to her, making her rather aloof from ordinary humans.

Like all of her family, Sam is virtually immortal and her aging process slowed to a crawl after she finished puberty. She was born in the 1950s, yet still appears to be a woman in her twenties.

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